Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gordy: He's The Greatest Entertainer Who Ever Lived

Mowtown Founder Berry Gordy just discussed how he met Michael and what Jackson meant to music. Jackson often discussed his love for Gordy...and how Gordy allowed him to grow creatively throughout the years.

Gordy just talked about a Smokey Robinson song that Michael remade and said Jackson did it better. Gordy said when he told Robinson "I think Michael got you on that one," Robinson responded by saying, "I think so too."

It looks like the Jackson brothers all have on a traditional Michael Jackson white glove. Would they do it up any other way?

Gordy discussed the Mowtown 25th show in which Jackson debuted the moonwalk. Gordy said he was shocked when he saw the move. He called it "magic." Gordy said Michael went into orbit and never came back.

Gordy ended by saying Jackson was too big for the title, "King of Pop." Gordy called him the greatest entertainer who ever lived....that was followed by a standing ovation. Gordy thanked Michael for the joy and love...and said he'd live in his heart forever. Very touching.


  1. Great from Gordy and this video is incredible. Pass the tissues!!

  2. Beautiful words from Wonder; another music icon

  3. Michael is the greatest. This celebration simply proves it.

  4. Stevie is great, but I'm ready to see some dancing!