Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sharpton: He Taught The World to Love

The Reverand Al took the stage and I prepared for the long haul...I figure he'll take all day. We'll see, huh?

Sharpton gave some great background on the Jackson family and the world he grew up in. Sharpton stressed how Jackson was able to change the racial landscape and pave the way for so many others. Sharpton said Jackson made us "heal the world and feed the hungry."

Sharpton said Michael's music made whites and blacks comfortable to watch Oprah...comfortable to watch Tiger Woods play golf...and comfortable to vote for a black president. Sharpton's speech is very stirring...

Rev. Sharpton brought down the house when he said, "there wasn't nothing strange about your daddy. It was strange what he had to deal with." His three children clapped along as the crowd stood and cheered.

I was wrong about Sharpton...great stuff.


  1. Excellent, emotional, beautiful!

  2. This John Mayer performance is great. What a show!

  3. The Weather Channel is playing Michael Jackson music during the "Local on the 8s" forecast updates. I heard part of "Billie Jean" during update at 1:28 PM...

  4. HA!!! That's hilarious Chris!

  5. Why do they say he made it comfortable to watch black people and for them to advance....didn't he try to look white? White children? Does he need an award for that from congress?