Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stevie Wonder: God Needed Him

Stevie Wonder said he's at peace with Michael's death because God must have needed him more than people in this world. Words seemed to be off the cuff, nothing prepared.

He's playing an extremely sorrowful version of "Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer."

I recently saw Stevie Wonder in concert and don't remember him playing that song.

He was by far the most inspirational musician I've ever seen. Talk about a man with a heart of gold who wants to heal the world -- that's Stevie.


  1. I can't stop CRYING!

  2. Stevie is showing some real emotion. But I really enjoyed the video before Stevie came on. It was very poignant, showed how hard of a worker Michael really was, and then all the tabloid shots, I felt showed a small part of what he had to live with.

  3. The tabloid shots were from his music video, though. Yes, he had to live with that but he also craved attention and leaked stories about himself for coverage.

  4. Will Justin Timberlake perform?

  5. I though the video was great. Since he was such an open book and his music and videos said so much about him, they didn't even need to conduct interviews or write anything to be able to tell his story.